Welcome to the Operation RAILSAFE Partner Training Site

On this Operation RAILSAFE website, you can find out about upcoming training dates. To register, download the course registration form, complete it, and follow the submission instructions. You will receive an e-mail acknowledging your submission and course date. Coming soon, you will be able to register for and complete the online training course.

Operation RAILSAFE was developed through a partnership between the Amtrak Police Department (APD), New York Police Department (NYPD), and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in May 2010. The goal of Operation RAILSAFE’s training component is to strengthen coordination and integration between and among Amtrak’s stakeholders (e.g. emergency responders, host railroads, transit agencies, law enforcement officials, municipalities, etc.) and improve the security of passengers, employees, and infrastructure from acts of terrorism. By enhancing response, information sharing, and collaboration capabilities, the training is also consistent with the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, Transportation Sector Specific Plan, and the National Response Framework. It is also aligned with the planning, prevention, protection and community resilience core capabilities outlined in the National Preparedness Goal.

Desired outcomes of this program are that it will:

  • Provide participating agencies, first responders and other Amtrak stakeholders with situational awareness and a better understanding of how to protect Amtrak’s passengers, employees, and critical infrastructure from acts of terrorism;
  • Decrease Amtrak’s risk from and vulnerability to a potential attack by enhancing situational awareness of critical assets, establishing interoperability, sharing resources, and allowing for networking opportunities with like agencies; and
  • Aid anti-terrorism efforts designed to protect the rail system and maximize resource planning and allocation, as well as establish and maintain critical relationships with partner agencies.