First-responder feedback from attendees at Amtrak’s RAILSAFE partner training program indicated a great demand for this training so that responding entities know how to approach, board, and respond on the train itself through hands-on learning. Actually touching the equipment that a responder will have to breach will cement and improve their response effectiveness and speed, and complement what they learned through the original RAILSAFE training.

In response, Amtrak will be piloting a 1-day hybrid RAILSAFE training program in 2021 that focuses on a hands-on railroad equipment experience within the context of responding to a terrorist/targeted violence event. It is critical that first responders know what they will be faced with when arriving on-scene. Named “RAILSAFE-Tactical”, classes will be held on and around actual train equipment specially detailed for the training. Components include a curriculum that incorporates elements of APD’s Rail Tactics training—which focuses on law enforcement first-response to an ongoing active attacker incident; Tactical EMS—which demonstrates the most safe and effective manner for medical or support personnel to respond to a train-related incident; and Passenger Train Emergency Response training (PTER)—which covers railroad and equipment-related familiarization.

Once the pilot is complete, APD intends to add RAILSAFE-Tactical to the FY2022 slate of RAILSAFE deliveries throughout the United States.

Any reports of crime or suspicious activity must be reported to the Amtrak Police National Communication Center at (800) 331-0008.

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